Craig Jensen
CEO of Executive Software International

I formed Executive Software in 1981 with a small computer and a box of files in my kitchen. After struggling somewhat for years, I decided to do the marketing myself, studying and applying L. Ron Hubbard’s marketing technology.

The resultant explosive growth put us on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing privately-held companies in America for four consecutive years — a rare feat. Today, because of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technologies, our products are used on 3.5 million computers around the world.

Cathy Stone
Owner of Mountainview Physical Therapy

I started with a dream to create a satisfying work environment for my group. I knew nothing about developing the business side of the practice, so I trained at Hubbard College of Administration.

We have now increased operations by 3,000% — a continuous and profitable expansion held stable over 15 years. I have been able to make my dreams become a reality and I know that any situation or problem can be handled with the application of this technology.

Alan & Sheila Atkinson-Baker
Owners of Atkinson-Baker, Inc.
One of the largest privately held court reporting firms in the US.

Our company began in our home. We did everything ourselves! We couldn’t stay on top of it! By studying Mr. Hubbard’s organizational technology, relief settled in. We organized all the functions to deliver our service, and began to hire and train employees.

We learned to be executives and we now run a multi-million dollar company with clients in all 50 states and offices nationwide and were featured on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies two years in a row.

Emanuele Ruffinengo
CEO and owner of Altavox
Emanuele is a double Grammy winner and produced the Album of the Year in the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards.

As a pianist, composer and producer, I was competent in the arts but I didn’t have executive know-how. I then completed courses based on L. Ron Hubbard management technology and learned how to be an executive in days. I went back to my craft and turned it into a real organization. Since then, I’ve produced and arranged numerous records, with sales over 15 million copies.

Geoffrey Pick
CEO of Clearprint

Our clients have campaigns which must be on time and absolutely perfect. Early on, we had to re-do jobs to maintain our reputation for high quality. At Hubbard College, I learned to establish very exact production lines.

As a result, in our 20 years, we haven’t missed one fixed deadline (trade shows, publications, etc.). This remarkable record is unparalleled. I now have the time and money to pursue other dreams in my life.

Juan Villarreal
Owner of Harlingen Family Dentistry

Before studying Mr. Hubbard’s technology, I got by only with great effort. Though I had a half million-dollar practice, there was no office organization. I didn’t understand how to train my staff or handle their upsets. I was frustrated and stressed out. I then applied this technology and statistics skyrocketed. My employees have become more ethical, responsible and productive. Though not located in a particularly affluent area, we are now the largest private dental practice in Texas, if not the entire U.S.M.

Judy Nagengast
CEO of Continental Design Company in Indiana

Applying Mr. Hubbard’s management system, we identified our key services and products. With proper training in this technology, we were able to gain control of each area. When I took over as CEO (as a mother of two young children) we had six employees.

In less than 10 years, we expanded our size by 50 times while increasing our income by over 8,000%. We did it by using Mr. Hubbard’s management technology in every facet of our business.

Luis Colon
CEO of MGE, Inc.

MGE is a management training firm catering to thousands of professionals on the east coast. I wanted to help others, so I learned and applied the actual tools of management from L. Ron Hubbard. I assumed control of a management training company and I first used these techniques on this company. In short order, we more than doubled this multi-million dollar organization and are doing the same with our clients across America.

The only genius it takes is understanding and applying exactly these techniques.M

Ted Prescott
Executive Director of Mission Renaissance
The largest school of fine arts in the world.

I always felt destined to be a laborer. I never fathomed I could be an executive director. I was reluctant when asked to run Mission Renaissance, but I started training in Mr. Hubbard’s management technology and very quickly saw that there is no mystery to managing. And here I am today, having expanded from 6 to 19 locations and from 500 to 4,500 students. The results have been astounding.

Walt Carleton
CEO and owner of Fidelity Creditor Service, Inc.

We have been using Mr. Hubbard’s management technology with tremendous success. It has been directly responsible for the company’s attainment of highest-ever production records and complete solvency. This alone would be sufficient reason to utilize this technology. However, equally important, employee interest and morale have soared to new heights. My employees work together like a “well-oiled machine”, having a good time doing so.

Jim Johnson
Mr. Jim’s Pizza
Mr. Jim’s Pizza is one of the top 300 franchises in the nation.

Mine is a true rags to riches story. I went from college dropout living in government subsidized housing to multi-millionaire. I am not some dynamic whiz kid that excels at everything. But I was smart enough to study Mr. Hubbard’s management technology. In expanding, we’ve grown to dozens and dozens of restaurants across America, and at no expense of my personal life. I can say without reservation that this technology works!

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