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Our mission is to help the individual in the workplace regardless of where he finds himself. For it is the individual: the CEO, the manager, the professional, the worker, who are the building blocks of society. Their efficiency, diligence and endeavors, their productivity, their efforts decide the standard of living and quality of life a community or nation will enjoy (or suffer).

WISE is a fellowship of thousands of business people across the globe who recognize that the organizational and management principles developed by author L. Ron Hubbard have application to all businesses. And that where used, they greatly increase the prosperity and growth of an organization.

For 25 years WISE and its members have been disseminating these principles to business people everywhere. Our goal: to revert economic decline and create a productive, ethical and sane civilization where all can flourish and prosper.

There is much road to travel, however through the dedication of our members we have already placed these solutions into the hands of business people in over 140,000 companies, in 75 countries in more than 20 languages.

Through the pages of our website you’ll discover much about author L. Ron Hubbard and his management principles, and its results. You’ll find practical solutions for your career and business and a group dedicated to helping you and professionals everywhere.

You are welcome to join us. Our benefits will help you get your business on track, and with your help, we’ll get society on track!


President WISE International

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