The Growth of WISE

In the late 70s as more and more began to employ Mr. Hubbard’s management principles in the commerical arena, it was clear an organization was needed to assist business people in their application of the Hubbard management system.

In early 1979, World Institute of Scientology Enterprises was officially incorporated, providing a membership organization for those applying Mr. Hubbard’s administrative and ethics technology to commercial activities. For the first time, Scientologists had an organization solely focused on helping them apply Mr. Hubbard’s administrative principles. At the same time, Churches of Scientology could focus undistracted upon bringing spiritual freedom to their parishioners — they could now connect business people wishing to use these principles to WISE.

By providing a membership organization with all its benefits and services, a distinct separation of the commercial and spiritual endeavors of Scientologists was achieved.

In the years that followed, WISE membership grew across the globe as thousands upon thousands of Scientologists joined the organization. However again, the single factor which had brought WISE into existence for Scientologists (the workability of L. Ron Hubbard’s management principles and the subsequent demand for it) soon prompted WISE to welcome business people of all religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Today WISE membership is composed of all business people, sharing its goal to create an ethical and sane civilization utilizing L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative solutions. And today, this vital group is indeed helping thousands in virtually every nation on Earth attain new levels of sanity, productivity and affluence.

Through their efforts L. Ron Hubbard’s management principles have reached more than 140,000 companies and corporations in 75 countries. There are 25 Hubbard Colleges of Administration and over 150 Hubbard management consultants and consulting groups delivering Hubbard management technology services. All provide business people with solutions to productivity and prosperity, which raise the quality of life and inject a higher degree of sanity into as many lives as possible.

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