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L. Ron Hubbard’s workplace solutions offer a road out from the stress and confusion of today’s workaday world. They are simple tools which can be applied by anyone. WISE members bring these solutions to society through numerous community programs and avenues. These include:

Code and Conduct

Our members and activities are united by basic tenets which speed our journey to our goals:

I. Learn well and apply L. Ron Hubbard management technology:

WISE membership provides many benefits to assist and guide one in the implementation and dissemination of L. Ron Hubbard management technology. In the end, however, one’s success with these principles rests upon how diligently one has studied the materials of this subject. Nothing will serve one better than a full understanding of this technology.

Begin with a course in L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology and get the tools to study effectively. Then, course by course, increase your knowledge of the management technology. Fully grasp each principle and apply it until it works. Apply it until it is one’s own.

II. Set a stellar visible example of the workability of L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology and bring it to others:

Maintain high standards of ethical conduct in business dealings, with clients, with employees and associates. The example you set very often determines what people think of L. Ron Hubbard management technology and the WISE membership. At every opportunity introduce others to the workability of these solutions.

These organizational principles and techniques offer solutions people have never had before. They provide a road to stability, prosperity and growth. And every time a WISE member sets a stellar visible example of the workability of this system, he or she opens the door to more and more business people taking advantage of and benefiting from these solutions.

III. Foster and grow the WISE membership in one’s area:

Every time a member joins our ranks, it’s an opportunity for them to gain a more fulfilling, brighter, prosperous future. And with each new member, we gain the help of another in bringing a more fulfilling, brighter, prosperous future to all. Naturally we expect members to introduce others to and increase the local membership. It is a vital role, for truthfully, our entire progress hinges on how fast we bring these solutions to others.

All members also abide by and adhere to the Code of a WISE member.

WISE Membership L. Ron Hubbard Management Technology Materials Catalog

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