Conventions & Events

WISE International and its offices stage major conventions throughout the year. These conventions provide members in-depth briefings on the latest dissemination campaigns, new materials and products. They include roundtable conferences where the membership can exchange successful actions and make proposals to WISE officers and executives.

The four major international conventions are:

Additionally, WISE offices stage numerous events throughout the year in major cities within their continental areas.

Convention agendas always include numerous seminars and workshops covering different aspects of L. Ron Hubbard management technology.

WISE conventions and events revitalize and boost attendees, offering workable solutions which can rapidly be applied, as well as opportunities for attendees to network and plan local activities.

Seminars & Events

Local WISE Membership Associations provide seminars, events and meetings to both assist the local membership in their application of Hubbard management principles and to introduce others to them.

These seminars are commonly delivered on a monthly basis. Whether living in the community or passing through on business, all members are welcome to attend. Typically, local WISE member seminars will present guest speakers and cover areas such as finance, management, organization, marketing, promotion, sales and personnel. There is always an opportunity to network and get briefed on local membership activities.

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