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WISE membership is an opportunity to meet like-minded professionals of all walks of life and not just in your community. To help our members connect up, we provide the WISE International Business Directory.

This is the definitive guide to business people who use Hubbard management technology. All members are listed in the WISE Business Directory and receive a copy.

Members may provide a concise description of their company or themselves to include in their listing and may also advertise their services or products.

This publication also includes listings of all groups within the WISE membership, including Hubbard management consultants and WISE Membership Associations.

How can I be listed or advertise in the WISE Business Directory?

When you sign up as a member of WISE from this site, your information is automatically collected. This information is then available to be incorporated into the WISE Business Directory (directory.wise.org).

There are no specific requirements for being listed in the WISE Business Directory except that one is a current member of WISE. The Member Ethics Officer at WISE International does, however, review listings to ensure those included are abiding by the Code of a WISE Member per the information available.

I wish to be a member and be listed in the WISE Business Directory

The WISE Directory cannot be used as a mailing list without specific permission by WISE International. Our members provide their contact information in good faith and in general, welcome communication from fellow members. However when these communication lines are overloaded with unsolicited offerings this undermines the WISE Business Directory as a membership benefit. Therefore do not misuse the WISE Business Directory by sending unsolicited mailings to it.

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