Policy Help Desk

This service guides you to the exact Hubbard management principle or technique you need.

There are more than 2,500 articles and policies in L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational and management library. To help you pinpoint the precise technique or policy to implement in your career or company, WISE offers the Policy Help Desk — a toll-free direct line to highly trained WISE staff.

So whether you’re in a jam or you’re not sure which policy to use, the WISE Policy Help Desk team is available. Here you’ll find:

“I needed to know how to increase new business into my public division. I called the Policy Help Desk at WISE and they located an article by Mr. Hubbard which covered this point exactly. I can now apply this with the certainty that it will work” — R.B.

The Policy Help Desk is available to any business owner, executive, employee or single professional who is a member of WISE.

The toll-free direct line is 1-800-477-WISE.

You can also e-mail the policy help desk.

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