WISE Issue Authority Service

The Hubbard management system can be applied to any number of different industries, fields and activities through all manner of media (such as video, books, websites, courses, promotional items). WISE provides a service to help create, produce and distribute materials and products which quote from the works of L. Ron Hubbard or use related trademarks.

Examples of this service could be: a WISE member who wishes to place a Hubbard management article in the monthly journal of his field or profession; another wants to create a book on how Hubbard management procedures apply to a specific field or profession; while another wishes to have a section featuring the Hubbard management system on his company website. All of these examples and more would be approved through the WISE Issue Authority Line.

The WISE Issue Authority Line ensures these products properly quote from the original text, are professional in appearance and reflect the integrity and workability of the technology they promote.

This line ensures products are properly copyrighted and trademarked so the technology itself remains protected.

Some of the items which can be submitted and approved through the WISE Issue Authority Line are:

To find out more about the WISE Issue Authority Line, contact your nearest WISE office.

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