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I wish to sign up as a Hubbard management consultant

Becoming a Consultant

There are two steps to sign-up as a Hubbard management consultant.

1. Sign-up on the appropriate WISE membership. WISE offers different levels of membership depending on what you plan to deliver as a Hubbard management consultant.

2. Fill out the License Application form.

Also there are training requirements. A Hubbard management consultant must be trained on:

a) A Communication course.

b) The Hubbard Dissemination Course

c) Training in a course which contains the Hubbard management principles you will be delivering as a consultant.

There are two options where this training can be done:

A. You may train at your local Church of Scientology (WISE recognizes all Hubbard management training courses delivered by Churches of Scientology).

To locate a Church of Scientology near you, click here.

B. You may train at a Hubbard College of Administration.

If you have already completed the training requirements simply indicate this in your license application.

If you have not done the training requirements, the steps (1 to 3) should be done so we can start processing your application. Then let us know immediately you have completed the training requirements.

Please send me more information on a career as a Hubbard management consultant.

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