Individual Membership -------

Who is this for?

Individual Membership is for employees.

What is its purpose?

To provide immediate tools to implement L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology into one’s career.

What are the benefits?

  • Individual Membership Card and Pin
  • WISE Membership Guidebook
  • Prosperity Magazine Subscription
  • WISE Newsletter Subscription
  • Limited Membership Benefits DVD
  • Free Membership Support (
  • Limited 1-800 Policy Referral Service
  • WISE Prosperity Planner & 1 Year Subscription
  •      Includes Management Tools Supplement

         Includes additional LRH Admin Tech modules

  • Monthly Policy Mailing Booklets
  • Effective Management Center Discount 20%
  • Discounts on Publications
  • Convention Ticket discount 20%
  • Limited WISE eDirectory Access & Listing
  • Use of the WISE Dispute Resolution Service


Individual Membership annual fee: US $195.00

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WISE Membership L. Ron Hubbard Management Technology Materials Catalog

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